Houndwood Ecology Group

I am pleased to announce that the Houndwood has been successful in applying for significant funds from Mendip District Council as follows: Climate and Ecology Emergency Fund. 

We have received (20th Dec 2021) £1,108 to fund bird, bat and hedgehog boxes. This also includes video cameras and bat detectors so that we can see what is happening inside some of these locations. We also have bug studying and pond dipping equipment.

So, what is next?   We ( Houndwood Community Group) need experts to advise us in how best to do this, do we have any on the estate. We will also be approaching local experts where we need to. We also want residents and their children to get involved in installing, understating and maintaining what we are putting in place.

Please get involved and contact us at ecology@houndwoodcommunity.org  and we will let you know what is happening and how you can get involved.