Houndwood Community Group :: Street :: Somerset

Our Aim: Making Houndwood a better, safer place to live in.
Caring for our environment and neighbours. 

This Group is for the Residents of Icon / Crest Nicholson / Houndwood / Barratts and the immediate vicinity or a direct connection to the Estate in Street, Somerset.

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Houndwood Community Group and the Committee

The Houndwood Community Group and associated Committee was established to act as a community hub and a collective voice for the residents of the Houndwood Estate.

The purpose of the Committee is to address any community issues facing the estate and improve daily living for all residents. Umbrellaed under this are a wide range of responsibilities, from keeping an eye on the transition of the estate from the developers to Premier Estates, to maintaining the communal areas, and answering residents' questions. 

The Houndwood Committee work closely with the Councils, local charities and authorities in a bid to make the Houndwood Estate a better, safer place to live in, and seek to enhance the quality of living for all residents. Such endeavours include day to day improvements, such as addressing anti-social behaviour concerns and the protection of vulnerable residents, but activities also extend to promoting and guarding the long term interests of residents both in terms of estate running and other local developments.

In addition to the general responsibilities outlined above, the Houndwood Committee is also committed to providing fun and engaging opportunities for people to come together, and organise the annual summer fete on the green, and the Halloween Creepy Cavern! 

The Houndwood Committee is a group of Houndwood residents, for Houndwood residents, and we all share a common pride in our estate. The committee is always looking new members and if you would like to get involved, in ways big or small, please get in touch!

The Houndwood Community Group needs residents to sign up as members.
This enables us to represent the estate with agencies, such as,
Premier Estates, Local Councils etc. It also enables us to apply for funding. Membership is free to residents to enable open access to all, you just need to put yes in the box.
Please list all adults residents at your address on this
Please return forms to 20 Couture Grove, Street