The Houndwood Committee is a group of Houndwood residents, for Houndwood residents.

The Houndwood Committee is formed of local residents who volunteer to act on behalf of and in support of estate residents. 

Some of the things we do:

- Liaise with estate developers and management companies to ensure that they are fulfilling their obligations and caring for the estate. 

- Work with local charities, the County and Parish Councils and with local authorities to protect the interests of estate residents and provide access to support for residents who need it.

- Organise community activities including the annual fete on the green, halloween creepy cavern, seasonal Wassail and much more. 

- Raise money to carry out the estate and local community activities as well as funding local common area gardening and the care of communal facilities. 

- Production of regular estate newsletters to keep residents up to date on the latest activities and news from the estate. 

- Administration of the Houndwood Community Facebook page which keeps residents connected and facilitates a local support network between residents. 

- Answer questions in the community and act as a central point of contact for the estate.

In all, the committee is whatever the residents of the Houndwood Estate need it to be, and we welcome feedback, suggestions and encourage anybody who is interested in supporting the community to come forward and join the committee!

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