Houndwood Estate Adoption

There are three organisations who adopt different parts of the estate.

  1. Roads and paths, together with street lights on those paths by Somerset County Council
  2. The sewage system by Wessex Water
  3. The common areas, waterways, paths and street lights not on somerset County Council adoption by Premier Estates
1. Somerset County Council Adoption
For a road to be adopted it needs to connect to a road that has been adopted. For us, this means the West End near McColls. This means that the Barratts part of the estate cannot be adopted until Crest Nicholsons has been. To date, there is little visible evidence of adoption work being undertaken. Damaged roads and paving will not be fixed until close to adoption as the builders will only want to fix things once.

2. Wessex Water Adop[tion
Much of the sewage system has been adopted but not all of it, see FAQs for how to get a map of the drains near your house. Note drains near your house are your responsibility but this is shown on the map.

3. Premier Estates
Premier Estates have looked after the private flats since then were built including lighting, cleaning and decoration of the common areas and the land surrounding the building. They have over the last months taken over all of the grass cutting, hedge and tree maintenance, as well as managing of the waterways and some of the paths and lights not on Somerset County Councils, adopted roads and paths. You may remember that in Autumn 2018 we asked on Facebook for the works of the estate that were not yet completed. These and more have been identified by Premier Estates on a snagging list for each builder whilst Barratts has made progress with most of the list Crest Nicholson have done almost nothing there are at least 17 items on our list and many more on Premiers. We continue to chase Premier having given up on Crest.